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Budget billing

The Budget Billing program examines the previous 12 months’ bills for residential customers, determines a monthly payment amount based on that history (plus 15%). In May the account is balanced to zero. Customers can sign up to participate in the Budget Billing program in April.


To qualify you must have had continuous service at the same address for 12 months, with no more than one late payment during that 12 months. Accounts must have a zero balance at the time the application is processed. Customers participating in our budget-billing program are required to sign up for automatic bank draft.


The monthly budget-billing amount will be due each month until May. In May, the account will be balanced to zero. A credit amount will be deducted from your account. A debit amount will be billed to you. Your monthly budget billing amount will be recalculated for the next year your account is balanced to zero in May.

Your monthly budget billing amount must be paid each month. If the payment is not received by the due date, there will be a penalty added to the monthly budget billing amount. If the amount is not paid, we will remove you from the program and the account must be paid in full at that time.


North Alabama Gas District or the customer may cancel the Budget Billing agreement at any time. Customer may request in writing, not by phone, that the Budget Billing Agreement to be canceled. All credits or debits must be paid in full at the termination of this agreement.


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