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Deposits and fees

Effective June 01, 2017


North Alabama Gas District may require a deposit prior to commencing service in an amount equal to an estimated two months maximum bill, but in no event less than $50.00 for residential customers and $250.00 for small commercial customers.

  • Residential: Minimum of $50.00
  • Small commercial: Deposit is based on the connected BTU load. Minimum is $250.00
  • Industrial: A contract is required for industrial customers

Service fees

  • Returned check – $25.00
  • Turn on fee: Minimum $30.00 not to exceed $100.00 ($30.00 plus minimum bill for each month account is off, not to exceed $100.00).
  • Turn on fee for meter turned off for nonpayment during work hours: $45.00
  • After hours fee: $100.00
  • Turn on fee for meter turned off for nonpayment after hours or on holidays: $100.00 plus $45.00 turn on fee = $145.00 minimum charge.
  • Meter tampering fee: $150.00
  • Test meter fee: $20.00
  • Recheck meter reading fee: $5.00
  • Relocate residential service line: $75.00 (minimum).
  • Service line charge: $150.00 (minimum) for non-primary user.
  • Service line charge: $1.50/ft. over 300′ per service line for primary user.
  • Collection Fee: If we come to your location in an attempt collect payment, we will charge $15.00
  • There may be other fees accessed as needed.
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