Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: Business can be conducted at our drive-thru windows, by phone or online.

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North Alabama Gas District

Applying for service

  • A service application must be filled out, identification must be presented, and a deposit or any fees must be paid before service will be connected.
  • Renters must have a copy of lease or have our Rental Verification Form filled out and signed by the owner.
  • Home owners must have proof of ownership, for example: homeowners policy, tax records, deed, sales contract etc.
  • Business applicants must have a copy of their business license.

New service

  • All new service requiring installation of a service line will be placed on the work schedule and installed as soon as work schedules permit.
  • Within the city limits, the city is responsible for all inspections.
  • Outside the city limits, North Alabama Gas District does the inspections.
  • Gas meter will be installed on the end of the building opposite the carport or garage in most cases. Meters are not set within fenced-in areas.
  • Please do not install customer owned piping before the meter location is identified by North Alabama Gas District personnel.


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